The Obedience Trial Champion


The Obedience Trial Championship is probably one of the most difficult Titles to achieve in the world of Dog Showing.  To achieve an OTCH, the dog and handler must first complete his UD degree.  Then he must earn 100 points to become and Obedience Trial Champion.  These points are earned by placing first or second in Utility B or Open B, with three first places required in the different classes.  When competing for an OTCH, you must also compete against the current champions in other words, to become an OTCH, you have to beat the champions to win.  

In 1996, there were 103,776 obedience trial entries, and of these, only eight one hundredths (.08) percent, or one out of 1300 entries, received the OTCH.  Its a pretty exclusive club!  In breed there was one champion for every 75 entries. 

Competitive Dog Training By Cathy congratulates it's students' OTCH dogs.  Click on the dog's name below for biographical information:

OTCH Tystar's Dub's Aiming High - Dub Amason

OTCH Dallas' F. D. Firetruck UDX - Dub Amason

OTCH Sunset's Repeat Effort - Wynnette Amason

OTCH Wynn-It's King Louie - Wynnette Amason

OTCH Wynn-It's Ryan Express UDX  - Wynnette Amason

OTCH CH. Greatglen Going Stateside UDX - Wynnette Amason

OTCH Sealight's Leading Man UDX HSAS HIBS NA NAJ -  Wynette Amason

OTCH Mandrake The Magician - Carol Cobb

OTCH Bomarchi Ask Me No Questions - Carol Cobb

OTCH Vitori Bomarchi Case Closed UDX - Carol Cobb

OTCH Donnchada Ain't Miss B'Haven UDX - Sandie McKinley

OTCH Donnchada Sophisticated Lady UDX - Sandie McKinley

OTCH Lynde's White Salt - Cathy Niles

OTCH Hidden Valley Dallas Cowboy - Cathy Niles

OTCH Colabough Fire of    Kileen UDX - Cathy Niles

Ch. OTCH Detania Top Hat and Tails - Cathy Niles

U-UD, WR, OTCH Wynwood Specktacular Hit Man UDX, SH, WCX - Bonnie Speckles

OTCH Breakwater Tidal Wave UDX - Sally Walker

OTCH  Itsy Bitsy Cookie Monster UDX - Mary Baker

OTCH Burline's Hope You Dance - Mary Baker

OTCH Breakwater Ice Skater - Dave Gannon

OTCH Tanbark's Who's the Boss UDX4 JH MX MXJ RA
Dave Gannon

OTCH Benden's Talk of Texas, UDX, JH, WC, WCX - Sally Walker

OTCH Donnchada Talk of the Town UDX - Sandie McKinley

OTCH "Chili" UDX2 RE - Judy Skarbek

OTCH Touchgold Awesome Nugget UDX2 - Brooke Annis

OTCH Slick UDX7 - Carol Wood

OTCH Radar UDX4 - Carol Wood







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